We will add some of the projects that people are undertaking on or around their Grampian Sail Boats here.

Information and photos on any projects you have undertaken will be appreciated.

Greg Daw’s Winter 2004 – 2005 Project
Jim Massey’s G30 Hard Dodger
Eric Martin’s Decking Project
Kurt Washeim’s G30 Modifications
Gord Langston’s Grampian 34 Renovations
Eric Maille’s Renovations to his G26 “Sharky“.
Don Davies’s “New Stowage for Affinity
Upgrades to Sam Collins Grampian 30
Refurbishment of Rod & Jane Flint’s G26, Victoria
Modifications to the Transom on Ralph Brooks G28
Replacing Floor Supports on Grampian 26 “Irish Mist  
Grampian 34 Strut Repair  
Wind Song lX
The Beast Becomes a Beauty
Water Gypsy – A Labour of Love     
Dalloway – G26 Renovation 
Installing Toe Rail Stanchion bases on a G26     
Renovations to Serge Roy’s G7.9 Discovery “CLEB 
Renovations to Matt Gayle’s G26 “Dalloway” 
Repairs to deck of Hipnautical, a Grampian Discovery
Upgrades to S/V Lollipop- A Grampian 26 “Tiller Restoration”
Upgrades to S/V Lollipop – A Grampian 26 “Companionway Boards”
Upgrades to S/V Lollipop – A Grampian 26 “Galley Renovations”
Upgrades to S/V Lollipop – A Grampian 26 “Companionway Boards”
Swim Platform on “My Girl” a G30
Ron Breeden, Repairs To and Sailing Our G34 Ketch
Ron Breeden’s G34 Project
Restoration of a Grampian 30 “Patches”
Greg Weisiger’s Sheave Replacement  NEW