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Dec 2 (2022!). update!

Season’s greetings everyone! It’s been nearly a year since I have made an update to this front page.

I remain extremely busy with work. But as a result, my fiancee and I are finally close to home ownership in lovely Prince Edward Island. We will be taking both our Grampian (Discovery 7.9) and our “Douglas” (Hullmaster 31) yachts with us for refitting on the plentiful space we will have at our new home, then launching in the Atlantic very close by!

In other news, due to the crazy amount of Russian and Chinese spambots, I have banned all IP addresses from these countries site-wide. Please email me through the contact link if you’re in one of those countries on a VPN and need access.

James – Dec 2, ’22

Messages from the webmaster
Discussion Forum

Hi all!

One of my biggest goals for this site was to revive the active community and get Grampian owners talking to each other. I’d really appreciate if you could register on the forum and help us concentrate Grampian knowledge here 🙂

The site cannot survive without active participants and contributors, so please join up and post, even if it’s just to tell us that you went for a sail in your Grampian today 🙂

Owners Registry Request – Hull Numbers

I’m afraid I can’t update boats in the new Owners’ Registry unless you also submit the hull number – there are thousands of boats on the site and recently most boats are being submitted without a hull number. It’s very difficult for me to find your boat without the hull number. Please also be sure to include your detailed engine specs (I.e. Johnson 9.9 Outboard).

About James

I’m James Burke. Ken Corbett, the previous webmaster, graciously handed me the reins to the site in summer of 2020. I own a Discovery 7.9, a modernized version of the Grampian 26 based at Port Whitby Marina near Toronto.

I work full time so updates happen when I’ve got the time, but my hope is to update all of the old site pages to WordPress format as my time allows 🙂

i.e. 1972. Approximate if unsure.
Your hull number is the last two or three digits on the Grampian placard below the companionway entrance on most boats. Other boats may have the number embossed in the fiberglass on the transom.

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