The length of this boat is 19 1/2 feet and 7 feet at it's widest point. The owner, who is restoring the boat,  would really would like to know what the make and year built of the boat is. It has a Grampian Plate on it

                          NO. D 225
                           BUILT BY
               GRAMPIAN MARINE 
                     YACHT BUILDERS

 Has similarities to Classic 22 but is shorter and does not have same well at stern of boat.

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27 Jan 2014: It has been suggested that the boat is a Triangle 20 from a January 1962 Dolphin/Triangle US Yachts / Grampian ad. Grampian built the Triangle 20 in Oakville, .




The owner purchased this boat from a friend who can't remember the make of the boat. His marina owner told him it was a Grampian 26, but looking at the G26 photos on the site he realizes it is very different. The marine owner also said he thought the boat was made in Edenton, NC.

The rudder is totally gone. He has jury-rigged a wooden rudder and tiller arm, bolted to the back of the boat. The boat was called the Gold Eagle. The internal motor was removed and an outboard motor mount is bolted to the back.
The windows may look strange in the pictures. The previous owner removed the windows and bolted a smoked plastic sheet over all of the window openings. He also installed a porthole on the front window

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27 Jan 2014:    I am told that the boat is an Eagle aka Triangle 27


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This owner has a fibreglass sailing dingy that has been sitting in a barn for over 30 years. He does not know much about it but it is    10' x 4' 4" The tag says Grampian No 0 . He would like to fix the boat up and use it but is missing mast, sail and tiller. He thinks it has only one sail.

Any information anyone can provide such as mast height, sail size, photos other owners of similar boats would be greatly appreciated.

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I recently purchased a 26 foot Grampian- I have been trying to register it but am unable to find a hull number of any kind. I am very familiar with boats and know that usually this is located on the transom.

I recently purchased this boat from somebody in South Hold, NY. She works for a non-profit org that had the boat donated to her by the previous owner. The boat's name currently is Vectis with New York, New York written next to the name.

There is a faded name underneath that starts with an "M"

If there is anybody who can knows any information about this boats history or if they could tell us how/where to find the hull number it would help greatly.

Thank you,

Kirby Andersen

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