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Aug 26, 2020

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Aug 26, 2020

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Thanks to Randall MacDonald for higher quality image G26 Manual and other Diagrams.

Thanks to Peter Davidson for a number of original documents Thanks to Mark Petrush who supplied most of the Sales Brochures Thanks to Gill Bibby for historical information




Welcome To The Grampian Owners Marina
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Greetings from the new webmaster!

Hello everyone. I'm James Burke - Ken has graciously passed the reins to me as the new webmaster for the Grampian Owners Marina.

I've discussed my plans for the site with Ken and he seems to like my ideas. We're still in sailing season so updates to the site will be a little slow, but as Autumn gets colder and the boats are hauled out for winter, I plan to start rolling out updates to the site's appearance and systems. One of the first major changes anticipated is an update to the layout of the entire site to make it compatible with any kind of mobile device, and utilizing a template engine to allow for light or dark themes. I'm hoping to have this finished and rolled out by the end of October. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me or Ken at [email protected]

A New Webmaster

After 18 years I am giving up control of the Grampian Owners Marina and I have found someone who has the interest, qualifications and ability to update the site and maintain it. Since I sold my G26, the level of interest I have in the boats and the site have diminished considerably as readers of the site can probably recognize. A new, modern fresh look is needed to ensure this site fulfills my original goal of being the main source of Grampian knowledge on the web. I will allow the new Webmaster to introduce himself. I am sure that once he has reviewed all the site data I have provided to him you will start to see his impact on the website. He owns both a G26 and a Discovery so is well aquainted with Grampians.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site and myself. Without your input, the site could not exist. I encourage you to renew your interest in the site and to support the new webmaster with new material and photos for the site.

Thank You All,

Ken Corbett

For Sale/Wanted Listings

Unfortunately the For Sale/Wanted Listings that were very active have not seen much activity in recent years. Hopefully the new Webmaster will revitalize this area and it will be looked to again as the site to goto if you want to buy or sell a Grampian.

Due to the inactivity I have deleted all of the old listings that were at least two years old. If you would like your listing to be replaced, just let us know and we do have a new G26 For Sale listing just added.

WARNING:  I have received stories of the failure of the cast aluminum fitting on the bow to which your forestay and jib or furling gear attach. The latest report is on a G28. If you look at Item 14 on the G26 FAQ page you will find some discussion on this subject and possible alternatives for attaching your stay and jib.

 Site Changes: Remember, rather than look through the whole site to see what has changed, select the Site Changes page for information on what changes have been made.

Thanks: I want to thank all those owners who have sent information and encourage others to follow their example. I especially want to thank those people who have made a donation towards the upkeep of the site. Please support the new webmaster to build this site back up to its former level of glory!

Don't forget, this site depends upon your input of information and photos and of monetary donations to keep it going. Please help.

Questions:  Please contact the Webmaster