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As many of you know, I have been running this web site for Grampian boat owners for a number of years now. It has grown considerably over this time thanks to all the information you have sent me and a couple of years ago,


If you wish to make a donation to support this site, please hit the "Make a Donation" button and follow the instructions

Thank You


As an alternative, contact me by email and I will provide my mailing address

Yahoo has upgraded their offerings providing additional disk space, new features and bandwidth since the site was opened. This has helped keep the costs down while permitting site expansion. The basic site does still have a monthly cost associated with keeping it online that I must pay. In addition maintaining this site takes a considerable amount of time that I have been prepared to provide.

The  For Sale and Wanted pages  have generated interest and have also increased traffic and maintenance effort. This is done without any charge except I ask successful sellers to consider a small donation. Due to the effort involved, I am reviewing this area and may have to impose a minimal charge to list boats.

I am requesting that anyone who is interested in seeing this site continue, especially those wanting to use the For Sale or Wanted consider making a small donation to allow me to maintain and enhance the site. If you are willing, please make a donation through Pay Pal as described or please contact me for my mailing address. I have found Pay-Pal to be very reliable and it is the easiest way to make a donation.

Many thanks to those who have given donations, they are truly appreciated.

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