This is the story of how RJ acquired the Red Baron, the renovations he is making and those he plans to do plus the voyage he is planning. Rj has his own website where you can read many more of the details about his work and plans My thanks to RJ for permitting me to add this great posting to the Grampian website.




The Acquisition of Red Baron


September 4, 2016

$1 Boat

So this nice gentleman  that I used to work with called me up and asked me if i would like to take ownership of his 30′ sailboat, for $1. He had moved to Colorado from Michigan for work and had no way to deal with his sailboat, so it was either offer it to me, or donate it to charity. No pressure or persuasion, just a simple offer.

Now, Iíve heard about the free boat, and there really is no such thing. I have read stories about people spending exorbitant amounts of money and time trying to restore boats, only to give up; so naturally I was skeptical. At one point I even sent him an email stating that I didnít want the boat and that was the end of itÖ but I came around and changed my mind.

I decided to keep the boat on the advice of a Sailor who I am learning from no. He advised that I avoid poring money and time into it, and rather I focus on just sailing it. Great advice it turned out to be.

When I first saw the boat I was shocked, not by how ugly it was (ok so it is kinda ugly) but how well everything worked. The gentleman who gave the boat to me was nice enough to do all of the hard work like getting the head and motor working good. All I had to do was show up and sail it, and that is exactly what I have been doing.


My name is RJ and I am in the middle of "restoring" a G30 to be ready to sail from the great lakes, out the Erie canal, and down the east coast, hopefully making it as far as the the isle of Dominica... or further

What has Happened Since

There was a lot of sailing and then:

 I have: 


I plan to:


Honestly its been pretty overwhelming working on all of this alone and if you have any useful advice or words of encouragement, they would be appreciated. (Webmaster has my email)


I am planning to start my trip the beginning of August 2017, lol.