The Triangle 27 was built for Triangle for a period of time prior to construction starting on the Grampian 26 but probably around the same time as the Grampian Classics were being built.

These are the notes on the boat from one past owner:  "I had one as well.  It was a great little boat, sailed well and provided a very nice cabin layout with a very large v-berth and two small bunks in the aft cabin. A great place to “stow” the kids. There were also a few other ingenious design features: 

The tiller fit nicely into a slot moulded into the cockpit sole to get it out of the way at anchor and keep the rudder straight; The ice box had access from the galley as well as from a hatch located in the cockpit seat. Great for loading the fridge or grabbing a cold drink under sail without the need to go below; The dinette table had a threaded post with a fitting in the dinette area as well as a matching fitting in the cockpit sole. On warm evenings it was very easy to setup dinner in the cockpit. 

Great boat! One can only imagine the innovations that would have come if we could have kept a thriving boat building industry in Canada. (Bart Tecter)
























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                                 " Lady Meg" - Triangle 27