There is a Grampian 2-34 lying ashore in a steel cradle in Rhu Marina  which is located on the East shore of the Gareloch (Scotland). This boat does not have a name that I can see and it has been left lying for some considerable time. The owner appears to be old and suffering from illness, however, there has been no request by him to have the Marina sell the boat.
What is amazing is that my cousins Alexander and Jean Kennedy live in Oakville, Ontario and Rhu Marina is situated about half a mile from where the McGruers boatyard was situated. The original McGruers yard is now a housing development. It's a small world.
I hope to make further inquiries about the boat to see if the owner will sell, however, he seems fairly reclusive.
I've attached a couple of photographs. The boat requires total refurbishment and there is a bad blister on the keel where a keel bolt has rusted. The rust has expanded and caused a blister with some deep cracking appearing on the external surface of the keel.
I'll email your association with further details as I get them, however, this would appear to be a rare model of yacht on this side of the Atlantic.
Yours aye
Douglas Kennedy Bouttell