We own an Grampian 2-34. According to the selling papers the ship was  built in 1976 but we do not know were. The name of our ship is  Grampian Aigle. We live in Winschoten (Nederland) but the regular port  is Makkum (Friesland, Nederland).  We presume that our boat was built in England by Porter and Haylett  but there is no mark or building number on it. Different to the  American/Canadian built ships are only the windows.  Can  you tell us anything about Grampians build in England or is our boat  built in America or Canada too.

(G2-34's were still being built in 1976, the last year I think. When  Grampian went out of business a fellow in St Mary's, Ontario, bought  the 34-foot molds and made ten boats that he called 'Seaforth 34's'.  It is possible it is one of these or it is possible that an unfinished  hull was purchased and sent to England for completion. - Webmaster)

We bought our Grampian in April 2002. We don't know much about previous owners. The story we were told is that the previous owner would make a world trip but died before. There is no identification plate on board (there are 4 screw holes where there might have been an identification plate) The three seasons we sailed our Grampian we saw 2 other Grampians 2-34. (Our tradition is that the first person on board who sees a Grampian earns a pie) One was owned by a German family. We saw this ship on her way to Amsterdam near Makkum. The man I spoke to owned the boat a few years but he bought her from his parents who owned the boat for very many years. He saw hardly any Grampians in all those years.

The other Grampian 2-34 we saw is probably the one sold on the internet (year of building 1978!). We saw her in Enkhuizen (IJsermeer, Netherlands) but did not meet the owners. We were told that our Grampian was built in England. Later, I thought that Grampians were built in England too but I can't find anything that confirms that.

All the Grampian 2-34's we saw had the same windows (not similar to those on your site)  (Thanks to Harry Bakker)