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Jan 22, 2019

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Jan 22, 2019

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Thanks to Randall MacDonald for higher quality image G26 Manual and other Diagrams.

Thanks to Peter Davidson for a number of original documents Thanks to Mark Petrush who supplied most of the Sales Brochures Thanks to Gill Bibby for historical information




Welcome To The Grampian Owners Marina
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UPDATED G26 Manual and other Boat Diagrams. PROGRESS!!  Thanks to input from Randall MacDonald I have be replaced the G26 manual with a higher resolution and clearer version. Information on diagrams will be a great deal more legible and I will be able to send even higher resolution versions to anyone needing one. Have added higher resolution plumbing diagrams for G26 and G34.

Marina Log Book: Unfortunately Yahoo has decided to drop support for the Log Book so entries are not possible at this time. I am looking for an alternative Guest Book module that I can use instead.

REQUEST: When submitting requests to change information in the inventory lists or providing information on your boat, please provide the model and hull number. Searching through nearly a thousand boats to find yours just based on its name can be very time consuming.

WARNING:  I have received stories of the failure of the cast aluminum fitting on the bow to which your forestay and jib or furling gear attach. The latest report is on a G28. If you look at Item 14 on the G26 FAQ page you will find some discussion on this subject and possible alternatives for attaching your stay and jib.

 Site Changes: Remember, rather than look through the whole site to see what has changed, select the Site Changes page for information on what changes have been made.

Log Entries: I encourage regular visitors to the site to view the Log entries as there are often new and prospective owners looking for advice from you all knowing Grampian experts. Please take a look and see if you can assist.

Thanks: Well it is it is seventeen years ago since this site was launched. It has grown considerably over those years thanks to the information and photos you have sent me. 

I want to thank all those owners who have sent information and encourage others to follow their example. I especially want to thank those people who have made a donation towards the upkeep of the site.

Don't forget, this site depends upon your input of information and photos and of monetary donations to keep it going. Please help.

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